Adult Sunday School Classes

There’s no better time to join a Sunday School Class than now.

There is no need to sign up, just come. 

Shop around to you find the class that fits your needs.      


Every Sunday 9:45 - 10:45 AM


Facilitated by Dan McNeill.  Come study God's Word as the class looks at the book of Isaiah. Join the leading of the Holy Spirit with these faithful followers!
Where: Sunday School Building, Room 5





Every Sunday 9:45-10:45

This is a stand-alone class based on Biblical topics.  A great class for showing up on Sunday mornings for some Bible based study and sharing. The class is led by Bill Green in the Sunday School Building, rooms 6-8.






Every Sunday - 9:45 - 10:45

A team of leaders including, Chris LaBure, Frank House, Jessie and Dane DePriest, Nick Cammarata, Jerry Schultz lead this class with relavant topics in today’s news.  Always room for a lively discussion! This class meets in the Main Sanctuary Building in the Narthex Conference Room.




Every Sunday - 9:45 - 10:45

Facilitated by Cynthia Ruffin. Join this wonderful group of women of all ages for a safe place to learn, share, laugh, and sometimes cry. No homework! We read and discuss in class. Anytime is a good time to join us.
Where: Sunday School Building, 3rd door on the right.