Kairos #42 - October 26-29

Chris Hazeltine and Ronda Knox are blessed again to be part of a wonderful interdenominational Kairos prison ministry team that will be sharing the message of God’s love and forgiveness with women incarcerated in prison. We will serve on retreat #43 the weekend of 10/26-29/17 at Hunt Correctional Facility. The meaning of Kairos is God’s special time. Therefore, this will be the appointed time of encounter for 18 ladies the Lord predestined to meet with Him. Jesus asks us to visit those in prisons, yet most of us never get the chance, this is a way you can help fulfill this command.  

Please consider how powerful your contribution(s) through the following forms will be to the Residents.

Deadline is October 18, 2017

PRAYER CHAIN: There is nothing of eternal worth that is not first covered in prayer. From 8 am on Thursday to 5 pm on Sunday every minute of the weekend is covered in prayer. Chis and Ronda are each responsible to cover and 1 hour and 40 minutes, the times and signup sheets will be available on the secretary counter in the Narthex.

BAKING COOKIES: Commit to bake cookies AT HOME…Your HOME BAKED cookies will be utilized as a sign of forgiveness and reconciliation. Every retreat participant every day of the retreat and every female in the facility will be given a dozen cookies.  Chris and I are responsible for 60 dozen cookies. Due to the packing of so many cookies and the restrictions the prison places on them, we have specific instructions for the baking and packaging of this expression of love. They must be one dozen placed per quart size zip lock of 3 stacks of 4 cookies. The size of each cookie needs to be about the size of a mayonnaise jar lid. No raisins, or powdered sugar please. This is a great youth activity; and we give service hours!

FINANCIAL SUPPORT:   Of course it takes green Agape to run this ministry. Chris and I need to raise a minimum of $450.00. If you would like to buy dinner for one resident on the retreat they are $10.00 for a meal ticket. Please see Chris or Ronda at church and ask for a meal ticket for a resident!

ENCOURAGING NOTES/POSTERS: These forms of agape can be viewed as love letters illustrating the unfailing love of God. Most of these women do not receive mail and have no contact with their children. You, your children, students, youth group can write handwritten notes of encouragement on paper or on a poster that can inspire them to persevere.  Share your favorite scripture, incorporate drawing; fill it with love. Restrictions (ex. no glitter/stickers, no computer-generated items, must be hand written, or drawn or colored) The children may draw a picture with an encouraging message or color a coloring sheet and put their first name and age.  Thank you for your time and prayerful consideration/support. Feel free to contact me with questions, comments, and commitments!!!                                                                                                                                                               

Sharing the love of God is a great joy,

Chris Hazeltine and Ronda Knox

chazeltine@cox.net / rondaheart2@yahoo.com