Lenten Studies

Join us for a Lenten Study

Beginning Sunday, February 18th at 9:45 a.m.


We live in uncertain times; economic instabilities, eruptions of violence, and natural catastrophes. Our individual lives are often just as unsteady. This 6-week session Lenten study by Magrey deVega invites us to engage and wrestle life’s uncertainties with courage and faith, not ignore or flee from them.













Using the classic TV movie Rescue from Gilligan's Island as a modern parable, this 7 week study will  show how Gilligan is Sloth, the Skipper is Anger, the Professor is Pride, Ginger is Lust, Mary Ann is Envy, Mr. Howell is Greed and Lovey Howell is Gluttony!

Did you know that the creator of Gilligan's Island said he based the seven Castaways on the Seven Deadly Sins? To quote the Professor in Rescue from Gilligan's Island: "Judging by our various experiences, we've had lessons in Lust, Greed, Envy, Sloth, Anger, Gluttony and Pride. The same Seven Deadly Sins that have always plagued mankind!"